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World champ 2019  


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Thanks to a simple yet sophisticated transmission of the accelerator’s control and of the brake’s pump’s leverage the positioning of the pedals can be optimised and up to 10 cm can be recovered. Thanks to this simple, quick intervention, the kart can be adapted for users of very different heights (up to 20 cm of difference). By choosing to make the pedals adjustable any solution involving moving the seat can be avoided; for the best balance of the chassis and to avoid differences in performance to arise among the various karts, the seat should in fact remain in its original position.

This self-adjusting hydraulic system has been specifically devised for intensive use. The pads are large and as far as maintenance is concerned it’s enough to disassemble two pins to slip out the pads from the back side of the callipers. The pedal which controls the pump (which has been placed in a convenient position between the pedals and the base of the steering-column) has a mechanical forward movement, which avoids involuntary activation of the braking system by less experienced drivers. There is a 180 mm diameter disk, as as a standard system which stops the gas whenever the braking plant is activated; this very useful as it avoids the engine and in particular the clutch to be subjected to stress.

The chassis-body is made of high-resistance Chromium-Molybdenum pipes with 35 mm diameter and 2 cm thickness. Specific studies and tests have revealed the points which are most subject to stress; special steel-plate braces have been provided for. The chassis features a symmetric geometry to optimise the distribution of weight in case hard tyres are used. The structure is very strong and it prevents even the smallest failure or crack from occurring. In this sense, what must also be considered is the limiting of welding in the area of the seat, which is placed in a removable frame. The weight is in any case very limited, for the benefit of practicality and ease of drive. Finally, the frontwheel- drive-assembly features a platform with plenty of room for the legs, which increases comfort.

They have been formed with a special plastic material which guarantees high resistance to shock and, at the same time, a limited weight. Much attention has been given to the steel rests which are integrated in the frame itself and which, together with the rubber buffers situatedwhere the rests are anchored to the chassis, absorb a significant amount of energy. The complete set of frames is the result of a well-proportioned project which combines in an excellent way the requirements of structural strength with a captivating design. It is important to stress the fact that the tyres are always towards the inside in comparison with the frames. And to keep a perfect livery at all times, a kit of Pvc stickers is available which efficiently protects all parts which are most exposed to contacts.



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The rental kart suggested by Birel has been studied to result functional according to the users’ needs: indoor and outdoor rental tracks. For this reason every sigle detail has been designed according to these purposes, without retrieving any component from the existing production of the racing kart. It results an innovative project for the rental branch (where usually the racing kart was adapted by adding heavy steel protections), able to match an excellent reliability with an engaging design. Just think about the pods, with sought lines, but able to resist to any stimulus with simple temporary deformations and to save the chassis and any other part. But every accessory is studied in detail for what concerns design and funcionality: from the pedals, to the seat, to the axle, to the spindles. The N 35-X kart weights about 30% less than the average of the competitors, so it determines a pleasant drive without straining the user (which can afford more races). Above all it allows a considerable fuel and tyres saving, if planning on annual scale and in relation to a kart platoon.

Birel’s proposal for rental karts has revolutionised this market segment.

Launched 6 years ago, the N 35-X model has met with commercial success all over the world, thanks to the characteristics which inspired this ambitious project. By accessing this market range, Birel intended to live up to the company’s mission of placing its products at the top in terms of technology, design and innovation but above all of realising products aimed at satisfying the requirements and the expectations of reference customers. To achieve these goals, Birel carried out an in-depth analysis of the requirements of indoor and outdoor facilities managements and customers’ expectations. This analysis revealed that, unlike the models currently on the market, modern karts should combine reliability and design, at the same time guaranteeing the same feeling driving a real kart would give. The N 35-X chassis is the answer to these ambitious goals. Thanks to a rational and attentive project, reliability was researched into, both in terms of choice of materials and in the creation of guards and energy-saving systems for the protection of mechanical parts. But what mattered most was the experience gained in over 5 years of Endurance races, an excellent test bench for every single tiny adopted detail. As far as design is concerned a kart has been created which is consistent with the lines of the chassis of the racing models, with accurate details and no unsightly guards. The frames used are exceptionally tough and protect all delicate mechanical parts, rims included, but also guarantee an appealing design. In terms of feeling behind the wheel, the N 35-X chassis guarantees the same response as a racing kart, thanks to a chassis featuring no rigid guards, which works correctly in terms of torsion. Driving becomes fun, thanks to precise gear shifting and an ideal balance. From a practical point of view, these characteristics have two great advantages for those tracks where the N 35-X chassis have been adopted. First of all track managers have increased their business volume thanks to a more attractive and, therefore, more sought after kart. Secondly management costs have been sensibly reduced, both in terms of spare parts and labour.

Optional line
To satisfy the requirements of specific markets and facilities, a line of optional parts has been created aimed at customising the N 35-X.
It includes the cover of the axle and the moving parts (brake disc and carrier), which can be positioned with ease and is complete with air intakes for cooling.
This accessory also helps maintaining the kart itself cleaner.
Another optional item is the kit comprising the roll bar and the safety beltswhich can also be used to fit some karts for disabled drivers.
For those who wish to give tyres further protection, special protectors are available which can be directly fixed onto the frames.
Finally a kit of Pvc washable stickers has been created, which comes in three different colours: red, silver and anthracite.
This is a very useful solution for renewing karts’ liv-ery and offers the possibility of customising a fleet.

The winning technical choices
The body of model N 35-X is made of highresistance tubular chrome-molybdenum steel with a diameter of 35 mm and a thickness of 2 mm. Specific researches and tests spotted the points more subject to strain, where special sheetsteel supports were added. The front part is marked by an original floor panel divided into three parts, which ensures high comfort to drivers. As far as comfort is concerned, a further quality to be pointed out is the possibility of adjusting the pedals, which enables to save about 10 cm thanks to a practical system to adapt the kart to fit users of different height. In terms of safety and structural sturdiness, we have to mention the spindles with replaceable shanks, the steering wheel arms made of a special plastic material and the 5 mm thick and 40 mm wide axle supported by 4 bearings. Moreover, there is the new-concept, user-friendly (self-adjusting) braking system. This superb product is completed by innovative fairings with a stylish design, ensuring maximum protection to all the mechanical members and to drivers as well. They are made of a special plastic material providing excellent shock absorption and adding moderate weight. The steel supports are integrated within the fairing so as to absorb the more considerable part of the shock, along with the rubber bumpers on the chassis. A protective Pvc sticker kit lends the finishing touch with an ever-new livery. The latest novelties introduced on the model N 35-X include a mechanism on the pedals, which blocks the accelerator when braking. This device was introduced to protect the braking system as well as some parts of the engine like the clutch. In relation to safety, the absorption of head-on collisions was improved by means of new rubber bumpers placed near the front spoiler connection.

N 35-X
ΖΑΝΤΕΣ CH 120+DH 180 AL.


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