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The most important garment of the sportswear line by Birel is the driver suit [A] with CIK-FIA homologation. Produced by Mir on Birel design, every detail is sought after, both from the design and the comfort point of view. It is in the classic red and grey Birel colours, with embroideries on the front, on the back and on the legs.

Talking about embroideries, the version with the sponsors of the Official Team [B-C] is even more “racing”.

There are also many accessories for the driver and the staff when they are outside the track; for instance, the T-shirt is comfortable and catchy [D] with front and back print.

The red and white shirt [E] is elegant and good made, whereas quality and comfort are the main features of the two available sweatshirts [F-G], with and without zip). The summer cap is new and sought after, with the Birel Motorsport logo on the front [H], whereas the winter wool hat [I] is warm and comfortable.

Among the most in demand garments, there is the original hooded sweatshirt [L] with Birel official partners’ logos: it is made of a special cloth similar to a diving suit, and it is perfect also for the free time.

Handiness is the main feature of the apron [M] for the technical staff, the backpack [N] is useful to tack personal belongings to the track so as the capacious wheeled suitcase [O].

The “soft” windcheater is one of the most successful design articles [P] that matches comfort and wearability, with an excellent protection from cold temperatures.

The sleeveless version is made of the same tissue [Q], perfect in every season.

In case of rain, a transparent suit is available [R] that does not cover the driver’s sponsors, who can also have the gloves by Birel [S].

In the end, there are also long [T] and short [U] trousers.

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